Fridge Benefits, helps you keep your cool

Real-time fridge monitoring and notifications

Taking logs with paper & pencil?

Or worse: no logs at all?

Did your fridge stop cooling?
  • How long ago was that?
  • How warm did it get?
  • Insurance need proof?
  • Has your product been compromised?

FridgeBenefits brings real-time temperature monitoring to your mission critical supplies!

No interaction required. Set it and forget it! We can let you know when you need to check your equipment.

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Accessible from any internet enabled device
  • Intelligent & customizable alerts sent to your choice email, text, or phone
  • Record of your alerts and responses
  • View your complete data
  • Allow guest viewing access of any kind among staff or insurance companies
  • Small device in Fridge to read temperatures, connected to internet
  • Wifi or wired connections available
  • Power or Internet outage? Data continues to gather and is submitted when services come back online

See it in action? Checkout our office real-time logs Demo

The cost of the Fridge Benefits service is easily offset by the peace of mind it brings me. On no less than three separate occasions it has saved me thousands of dollars in product.- Patty Howard, Kitchen Door Catering
As a Refrigeration Technician I am often able to diagnose problems and potential problems simply by looking at the FridgeBenefit Graphs and analyzing the trend.- Name?, Business?

How to get started?

Call us today 1-(902)-701-6641 and we’ll look after getting equipment and arranging installation.


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